Gisela Horat

Gisela started her carrer with lessons in classic piano. More than twenty years ago, she started to explore the improvised music. She attended lesssons from A. Herrmann, E. Bächlin, Ch. Wiesendanger and M. Scarton to get a better understanding of this different world. Gisela also attended sessions in percussion and saxophone to extend her knowledge and get also a better understanding of the other voices within a jazz band.

Her first trio was with Andy Zitz (base) and Marc Stämpfli (drums). But she had also a duo with Maria Geiger on the violin for more than ten years. This account doesn't include many more groups, where Gisela Horat was part of playing Jazz Standards or led by her playing her own music.

Her current project is the Gisela Horat Trio with Samuel Büttiker (drums) and Simon Iten (base), but also a solo program.


Jazz im Duo (Maria Geiger,Violin, Gisela Horat, Piano) , Begegnungen (Coproduction with DRS2, 2002)

Gisela Horat (Piano - Solo), Verkehrte Welt, 2013

Gisela Horat Trio (Gisela Horat, piano and composition, Simon Iten, bass, Samuel Büttiker, drums), Gisela Horat Trio Live, 2015

Gisela Horat Trio (Gisela Horat, piano and composition, Simon Iten, bass, Samuel Büttiker, drums) Schächäbach, 2017